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Serving Burlington and the GTA since 1992 Graduate of Brock University with a BA in Bus. Admin. Focusing on Auto and Motorcycle Insurance. Focusing on Home and Business Insurance. Focusing on Renters and Condo Insurance. Focusing on Life Insurance. Focusing on boat and snowmobile insurance. Proudly participates in the annual Terry Fox Run.
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Driving safely with pets

Man’s best friend loves to go for a ride in the car, but an enthusiastic nudge from a nose or a big tail wag can interfere with your driving.

Help improve driving skills with brain boosters

Are you worried about staying safe behind the wheel? As a person ages, the specific skills necessary for safe driving begin to deteriorate. Eyesight and hearing worsen, reflexes slow and cognitive functions decline. Even though older adults are less likely to practice risky driving behaviours, a person’s chances of being in a fatal car accident begin to increase at age 75.

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